About Us

The Visimind Group offers modern solutions and technologies in the field of acquiring and developing two- and three-dimensional imagery, using mobile photogrammetric and remote sensing technologies, using satellite location systems. For over 20 years, he has been supporting domestic and foreign power sector companies in supporting network asset management processes, including the creation of documentation and inspection of power infrastructure using aircraft such as helicopters, planes or drones equipped with measurement platforms specially selected to meet the client’s requirements.

Remotely controlled unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) are currently one of the most dynamically developing technologies that are becoming more and more popular. Their use allows many industries to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of services provided while reducing risk and costs.

The Visimind store’s offer includes DJI drones as well as cameras, stabilizers and other accessories with which you can create photos and videos, carry out infrastructure inspections, monitor the environment and obtain data necessary to develop maps. High image quality, advanced functions and the latest technological solutions – these are just a few features that distinguish the products of this brand. We sell both devices for beginners and specialized equipment for professionals. DJI is currently the undisputed leader in the drone industry, but also a valued manufacturer of devices such as sports cameras and gimbals. In our store, we provide professional advice and after-sales support of the highest quality.