DJI Battery Station BS30 Matrice 30 Charging Station

The BS30 smart charging station is equipped with eight ports for TB30 batteries, two ports for WB37 batteries, one USB-C service port, one USB-A charging port and one USB-C charging port. The station can charge two TB30 and one WB37 batteries at the same time.

Set contents:

1x DJI Battery Station BS30
1x AC power cable
1x Battery stickers

909,71€ VAT included

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Model CSX320-550
Dimensions 353×267×148 mm
Net Weight 3.95 kg
Compatible TB30 batteries WB37
Input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output TB30 Battery Port: 26.1V, 8.9A (supports up to two outputs simultaneously)
WB37 battery port: 8.7V, 6A
Output Power 525 W
USB-C Port Maximum output power 65 W
USB-A Port Maximum output power 10W (5V, 2A)
Power Consumption (without battery charging) 8 W
Output Power (during battery heating) approx. 30 W
Operating Temperature -20° to 40° C
Degree of Protection IP55 (with cover properly closed)
Charging Time Approximately 30 min (charging two TB30 batteries in the range of 20%-90%)
Approximately 50 minutes (charging two TB30 batteries from 0%-100%)
Protective Features Backflow protection;
Short circuit protection;
Overvoltage protection;
Over current protection;
Temperature protection